Our Greater Self

The transformation of the celebration of Thanksgiving is present in many places, and it is so heartening. Thousands of #thankful and #gratefulfor messages fill the social media airwaves. This holiday has always been about celebrating thankfulness, but our frame has now shifted to a larger consideration. We are invited to think beyond family and friends,
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“When the world seems filled with evil…”

Must be said: the world seems full of misery right now. Is this really the time to go practice yoga or sit quietly and follow your breath? Yes and no. Yes, because this helps us to be more peaceful and effective in whatever positive action we take in the world, to take a respite and
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Leveraging Benefit – Donations from Live Music Yoga & Match

Small but mighty benefit from our Live Music Yoga fundraiser, held on Friday, September 22: $100 raised at the event to the Yoga & Body Image Coalition – read about their work here. $100 match by Breathing Space to support the Western Mass United for Puerto Rico fund – read about that effort here. Many
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Friends & Enemies

Anyone who has looked into or practiced mindfulness meditation is probably familiar with the notion of “making friends with yourself,” sometimes also called loving kindness. This friend-making with the self is so fundamental to peace in life, that it seems like we shouldn’t have to even consider building this foundation in adult life. And yet,
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Health At Every Size

It’s a common experience as a yoga teacher to hear people “apologize” for the size of their body when the discussion is about┬átaking yoga. Dispelling the myths about who can practice yoga is an ongoing challenge, and convincing media that featuring only one body type in imagery is harming others has seen some progress (credit
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Comparisons are odious

This is one of the expressions I shared with my daughter when she was growing up. This saying was a touchstone for us for dealing with the very human emotions that arise when comparing our situation to others- jealousy, pride, anger, resentment, wistfulness – and at the extreme, hatred. The expression “comparisons are odious,” attributed
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