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Many Addictions Are Hidden, Eating Disorders Edition

The fact that many, many addictions are hidden ¬†including eating disorders – is not a surprise to anyone.¬†For some, even characterizing a habit or propensity as an “addiction” feels shaming and limiting. And yet, people do suffer in silence, and struggle in silence. And, living life fully is hampered by these conditions. So, that’s a
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Mindful Eating = Eating Clean

Any of us who have worked with body positivity, fitness, and well-being know to assiduously avoid diets and diet fads. There’s so much wrong with the “weight loss” world, I don’t even know where to start: perhaps with this — weight does not determine fitness; so-called “fat AND fit” is a reality ( So what
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What’s happening at Breathing Space? 7 Days Left!!

Dear Friends, Breathing Space has had the doors open for a little over one month now. We are experiencing a lot of interest in what the studio is about. Comments heard include: “It’s so great this is here in Holyoke.” “So happy you are doing this” and “Holyoke/my family/my spouse/etc. needs this.” We are still
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Eating Food Not Stories

Often, mindfulness meditation instructions invite us to just sit, relate to the present moment, and see what’s actually going on. Mindfulness is the new buzz word (to the delight, and perhaps chagrin, of we who have clocked decades of significant TOC (time on cushion), before anyone was interested, or if they were, it was because
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