Class Descriptions

Intermediate Flow Yoga (60 minutes)
 This class includes lively flow sequences and individual poses, followed by rest. An optional challenge pose or sequence will be offered. This class is for those seeking a more active practice to support balance, flexibility, mind/body integration, and strength. Some experience with yoga helpful. 

*Gentle Flow & Restore Yoga with Lorrie (60 minutes)
Unwind mid-week with Flow & Restore! This class will combine gentle flow yoga sequences with restorative poses to allow the body to release and re-energize. (All-levels) 

Gentle Yoga with Dori (60 minutes)
Class includes sitting, standing, and lying poses, with simple flow sequences. Class will include explanations of yoga benefits, and structure of poses as needed. Some yoga knowledge helpful but not essential (All-levels, Beginners welcome)

*Joga with Johanna (60 minutes)
This class is taught by Embodyoga instructor Johanna Hammer, and features mindful flow sequences that move to bring mind-body alignment. Class starts with a dance party – a few minutes of kicking out the jams to get your energy moving! (All-Levels)

Yoga for Resiliency with Dori (60 minutes)
This class involves a short seated meditation on a resiliency theme. We then practice one or more Yang yoga flows, based on the yoga of Paul and Suzee Grilley, followed by restorative yoga poses that allow the body to release and let go of tension and restore balance. Yoga props, including two blankets, a bolster, and a strap will be needed for this class. (All-Levels)

Rise Up Rooted Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Dori (60 minutes)
This class is a strong and vigorous flow class, combining classic flows and poses to support a mind-body-spirit yoga experience for balance and awareness. Some yoga experience needed. *Vinyasa flow yoga is founded on sequences of poses that “flow” one into the next. Vinyasa, a Sanskrit (from India) word , means “to place in a special way.” The special way may refer to the unity of breath and pose – each pose is associated with breath – or the mindful placement of the body as you move through the sequence. Vinyasa flow classes often use a “Vinyasa” – a combination of Plank pose, Lower down push up, Cobra or Upward Facing Dog, and Downward Facing Dog, as a sequence to transition between sequences. Sometimes, students are invited to “take a Vinyasa” at the end of a sequence, which means to do those four poses as transition. Vinyasa Flow mixes basic and intermediate poses, and is a vigorous and strengthening practice, but is not at the level of a Power Flow-type workout.  (Intermediate) 

Yoga By Us For Us (Yoga BU4U) with Lorrie 

Yoga BU4U is a space of care and community for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Wherever you are on your journey, this class will support you in evolving your practice as we move and breathe together through yoga and meditation. My intentions for this class are to focus on strengthening, releasing, resting, and healing for BIPOC folks while holding a space to amplify our diverse voices and experiences through the inclusive practices of yoga and meditation. (All-levels/Beginners welcome)

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ~Audre Lorde

Yoga en Espanol (60 minutes) – All-levels

Esta clase incluye secuencias de flujo y poses individuales, seguidas de descanso. Esta clase es para aquellos que buscan una práctica clásica de yoga para apoyar el equilibrio, la flexibilidad, la integración mente / cuerpo y la fuerza. Alguna experiencia con yoga útil.  Aunque Angélica es puertorriqueña, no es una hablante nativa de español. Ella está aprendiendo activamente el idioma y agradece cualquier comentario.

This class includes flow sequences and individual poses, followed by rest. This class is for those looking for a classic yoga practice to support balance, flexibility, mind / body integration, and strength. Some yoga experience useful. Although Angelica is Puerto Rican, she is not a native Spanish speaker. She is actively learning the language and welcomes any feedback.

Yoga in the Park (60 minutes) See the webpage for full details on Yoga in the Park