Studio Policies

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Breathing Space is dedicated to creating an environment that allows people to explore the benefits and practices of yoga and mindfulness. In order to reach this goal, we are continually refining our approach under the guidance of our Steering Committee, members, and class participants, as well as best practices in the field. See below for Our Values, Class Policies, and other info:

Class Policies

  • We encourage everyone to sign up online in advance to reserve their spot in the class you want.
  • Create an account on our scheduling page to keep track of your membership or class card balance, and to see your practice records, credit card, etc.
  • Everyone must sign the Class Waiver before taking a class at Breathing Space.
  • Drop-in participants can join a yoga class on a space-available basis. Be sure to arrive 10 minutes before class start time.
  • Our classes are encourage self-pacing and self-regulation. You may rest at any time during a yoga class and join in when you feel ready. Options and props are offered to make poses more accessible. If you inform us of injuries or medical conditions, please be aware that yoga teachers are not doctors and you must choose how much to participate in yoga classes given your abilities, range of motion, and vulnerabilities. We will offer options and props to support your practice, but the decision of what poses you take in yoga class is yours.
  • The Studio will open 15 minutes before your class start time. If you arrive earlier than that, please take a seat outside the Studio until your teacher arrives to let you in.
  • It’s always best to arrive a few minutes early for class to check in and set up your mat.
  • Our classes start as close to on time as possible. You can be up to 5 minutes late and still join the class. Knock firmly on the door for entry. If you are later than 5 minutes after the class start time, please choose another class.
  • When you come in, remove your shoes in the reception area. Due to our beautiful but smooth bamboo flooring, Non-slip yoga socks or bare feet only in the Studio. We offer sticky socks for sale in the Studio.
  • Silence and stow your cellphone.
  • Some people like to find quiet time in the Studio before class, so please avoid loud conversations in the reception area and in the Studio before class. 
  • Bring your personal items into the studio. 
  • Avoid the use of perfumes, scents, oils, and beauty products before practice. If you smoke, please try to refrain from smoking right before class.
  • Avoid eating at least one hour before yoga class, or eat lightly
  • We provide studio mats, blankets, bolsters, and blocks. It is recommended to get your own personal yoga mat for regular yoga practice. We offer Manduka Prolite mats for sale in the Studio.
  • At the end of class, mindfully fold and wipe down Studio mats and blocks with the wipes provided, return props to the shelves, etc., in silence to respect our transition from practice. 
  • Students may be requested to leave a class at the teacher’s discretion in the interest of their own health and fitness, and to seek further medical advice. 
  • Our systems are unable to protect your medical or health privacy. Any health information shared is offered voluntarily by the student, and is not being solicited or securely stored by Breathing Space Inc.
  • We strongly recommend, as stated in the Waiver every student signs before starting yoga, to consult with a medical professional if you have any questions about participation in our programs in terms of a mental or physical health condition.
  • Hands-on Assists. We respect your personal practice of yoga, and believe that you are best judge of how to be in your yoga practice. We offer verbal “cues” and demonstrate poses to assist students to find healthy alignment in yoga poses. Some of our teachers may offer hands-on assists in class. The intention of a hands-on assist is to help guide you into a pose, not to make you uncomfortable or suggest that you are doing the pose “wrong.” You are always welcome to refuse hands-on assists at any time, before or during a class at Breathing Space, whether the teacher asks for permission or not.
  • Students under 18 years of age must obtain parental signature on our online waiver form
  • Class rates are subject to change at any time
  • We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your property

Cancellations & Refunds

Class Cancellations 

  • Periodically, class cancellations do occur for planned or unforeseen circumstances.
  • If you have pre-registered for a class or workshop that is later cancelled, you will be notified using the email address we have in the scheduling system as soon as possible. 
  • When Breathing Space cancels, full refund or class credit is offered for those who prepaid or used a class package credit.
  • Breathing Space will post cancellations to the Breathing Space Facebook page.
  • If you check the class schedule, and don’t see a class that should be listed, it may be full. Please choose the next class that meets your schedule! We encourage everyone to plan ahead and reserve the classes you want online.
  • All workshops and class series have a minimum enrollment of 5. If the minimum is not reached, we will communicate a cancellation and fully refund all payments.
  • If no one is signed up online for a weekly yoga class by 4 hours before class start time, the class will be cancelled, and cancellation will be posted to our Facebook page and website.

Membership Cancellations

  • Membership fees are withdrawn each 30 days from the day you started membership
  • There is a 90-day (3 month) commitment for the 4/month, 8/month and Unlimited memberships
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, please do so by email notification to
  • We will make every effort to cancel within 24 hours of you notifying us if you have passed the 3 months’ commitment time period
  • There are no partial refunds for memberships
  • If you wish to upgrade your membership mid-cycle, please do so! We will refund you the difference for the overlapping days between the plans.
  • BUT WAIT, perhaps you would like to pay by CLASS PASS instead? They offer a discount and have no recurring payment.


  • Requests for a refund must be made by email to
  • Workshop refunds, minus any fees, can be requested up to 3 days before the event. For workshops run by visiting instructors, up to 7 days before the event. 
  • Class series refunds are available up to 3 days before the start of class.
  • No refunds or credits are offered for no-shows for classes or workshops. Unlimited memberships will not be affected by this.


Breathing Space upholds peace; non-violence; restorative, economic, and social justice; and multiple pathways of recovery, and strives to create a safe space for the practice of yoga and mindfulness. In light of those values, we ask the following:

  • Refraining from speech that supports violence of any kind, including speech that supports the limiting of the rights of any protected group, gender identity, or undocumented persons, or expresses bias towards any group
  • Refraining from use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs in the Studio, or coming for class under the influence 
  • Refraining from tobacco use in or near the Studio
  • No carrying, concealed or otherwise, guns or any device that can be used as a weapon into the Studio
  • No words, gestures, body language, touch, or any sharing of views that violate the Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct
  • We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone. See our Nondiscrimination Policy here

See our Privacy Policy here.