June 22, 2017


I was very nervous about trying out yoga. I am not so flexible, and I was concerned about not being able to properly participate.  Dori was so great at recognizing that not all of us were at the same level.  She encouraged us to keep trying but made me feel comfortable in finding my limitations.  She wonderfully manages a mixed group with different levels of experience in yoga.  I so enjoyed her tutelage and am glad to have been able to spend the past weeks with her. – Robert

Worth attending…sincerity in abundance! – Judi

I feel calm and energized by the end of Dori’s class. – Kim

I have found Dori to be a caring and skillful teacher, who works really well with students of all different yoga experience levels.  I’m finally rediscovering my connection with yoga after many years of trying to get into it, and Dori’s been a big factor in this.  I can tell she really enjoys teaching and it shows in her classes. – Michael

Love this group! Always an enjoyable and relaxing experience with a knowledgeable and welcoming group leader.  – Ann-Marie

Very warm group of people. I think I will enjoy being a part of this group very much. – Laura

The class was amazing with its combination of poses, music and words. I came back home rejuvenated and happy. –Stephanie

Your voice and delivery are very soothing…. I say a big THANK YOU.  I hope there will be more. – Sue

Dori’s voice was just right! Gentle and soothing, her prompts were just what I needed to hear…I liked learning a new way of thinking about familiar poses. – Mariana

I am delighted to report on Ms. Dori Digenti’s successful participation in the Karme Choling Heart of Recovery Retreat, this past Winter, December 26 – January 1st.  The retreat is designed for those in recovery from drug, alcohol addiction and other harmful behaviors who wish to supplement and strengthen a contemplative lifestyle in sobriety. Dori contributed to the success of our program in many ways. Brett Ferrigan, Chaplain, Palm Beach Shambhala