Slowing Aging through Yoga & Meditation

yoga class

We are in the next wave of the scientific “discovery” of the benefits of yoga and meditation. It’s helpful to keep up with this research, as it can act as motivation to turn one’s mind toward incorporating these ancient practices in our regular routines (and by nature of making that choice, NOT choosing other activities that may be less helpful). Here’s an example of a recent scientific support for practicing:

This research study in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity provides some solid evidence on the effect of what they call YMLI — “Yoga and Meditation-based Lifestyle Intervention” on cellular aging. Follow the link below for the full study (warning: some heavy sledding in the science terminology) — but the conclusion of the study provides the motivation:

“Though we cannot change our biology or chronological age we can definitely reverse/slow down the pace at which we age by adopting YMLI. This is the first study to demonstrate improvement in both cardinal and metabotrophic biomarkers of cellular aging and longevity in apparently healthy population after Yoga and Meditation based lifestyle intervention. So our health and the rate at which we age entirely depends on our choices. Making Yoga and Meditation an integral part of our lifestyle may hold the key to delay aging or aging gracefully, prevent onset of multifactorial complex lifestyle diseases, promote mental, physical, and reproductive health, and prolong youthful healthy life [emphasis mine].”