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Slowing Aging through Yoga & Meditation

We are in the next wave of the scientific “discovery” of the benefits of yoga and meditation. It’s helpful to keep up with this research, as it can act as motivation to turn one’s mind toward incorporating these ancient practices in our regular routines (and by nature of making that choice, NOT choosing other activities
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The Power of Quiet in Addiction Recovery

It comes as no surprise that our society values extroverts — those who are comfortable in conversation, dare I say performance; ease social situations; are humorous; and keep things flowing. However, a third or more of us (USA) are introverts. I wonder if that percentage is even higher among those with addiction issues? No studies
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Unwind Be Kind

From time to time, inspiration emerges from chaos, with insight for those seeking recovery from life’s harmful habits. While searching for a way to re-engage with the chaos called Twitter (about which anyone who is awake in 2017 might feel trepidation), I stumbled across this lovely Twitter name: @unwindbekind. I immediately adopted it for the
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Support Recovery for All

Finding our way out of the crisis of addiction takes effort at all levels of the system. While federal and state dollars are applied for broad programs and agency support, those funds are virtually inaccessible to those providing direct service using holistic methods like yoga and mindfulness. And yet, each week we find more evidence
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Breathing Space featured on Radioplasma Podcast

The Radioplasma podcast featured Breathing Space this week! Please give a listen, and be sure to give a “like” and positive review for this great podcast. On Itunes: On the Radioplasma website:


“When the world seems filled with evil…”

Must be said: the world seems full of misery right now. Is this really the time to go practice yoga or sit quietly and follow your breath? Yes and no. Yes, because this helps us to be more peaceful and effective in whatever positive action we take in the world, to take a respite and
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Mindful Eating = Eating Clean

Any of us who have worked with body positivity, fitness, and well-being know to assiduously avoid diets and diet fads. There’s so much wrong with the “weight loss” world, I don’t even know where to start: perhaps with this — weight does not determine fitness; so-called “fat AND fit” is a reality ( So what
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Friends & Enemies

Anyone who has looked into or practiced mindfulness meditation is probably familiar with the notion of “making friends with yourself,” sometimes also called loving kindness. This friend-making with the self is so fundamental to peace in life, that it seems like we shouldn’t have to even consider building this foundation in adult life. And yet,
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