Our Greater Self

The transformation of the celebration of Thanksgiving is present in many places, and it is so heartening. Thousands of #thankful and #gratefulfor messages fill the social media airwaves. This holiday has always been about celebrating thankfulness, but our frame has now shifted to a larger consideration. We are invited to think beyond family and friends,
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pema chodron quote

Support Recovery for All

Finding our way out of the crisis of addiction takes effort at all levels of the system. While federal and state dollars are applied for broad programs and agency support, those funds are virtually inaccessible to those providing direct service using holistic methods like yoga and mindfulness. And yet, each week we find more evidence
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Health At Every Size

It’s a common experience as a yoga teacher to hear people “apologize” for the size of their body when the discussion is about┬átaking yoga. Dispelling the myths about who can practice yoga is an ongoing challenge, and convincing media that featuring only one body type in imagery is harming others has seen some progress (credit
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What is a Human Being? Part 2

Once we have considered the scientific, spiritual, and social identity perspectives of defining what a human being is, we move a bit deeper into inquiry about power and economics. This poster was part of a clothesline exhibit at a community forum on incarceration recently: The simple words speak volumes about how we value human beings.
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