Statement on Police Violence and Systemic Racism

The Breathing Space Board stands with the movement to end police violence and systemic racism toward black people and all people of color in our country. We dedicate ourselves to supporting antiracist activities and organizations, and to eliminate white supremacy from our practices and Studio. We support in all ways the first principle of yoga: Ahimsa, which means non-violence. Black Lives Matter.
Our actions to date:
– Our Studio is making monthly recurring donations to Arise for Social Justice and The Movement for Black Lives
– We are continuing to offer free yoga classes to jails and addiction recovery centers, our core mission since 2017
– The system-involved persons we serve are majority BIPOC, due to the impacts of mass incarceration
– We have converted all yoga classes to by donation, and offer a free BIPOC Community Class each week
– We are gathering as Board and teachers to explore the intersection of yoga, racism, and social justice
– We will continue to support peaceful protests occurring in Western Mass communities
We invite your feedback, support, and participation in these initiatives.